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eMediaTRADE Rebranding to AdCore Local

Here at eMediaTRADE/AdCore Local we’ve gotten a lot of questions lately, understandably. We’ve been operating under the eMediaTRADE brand for 16 years now. We have a new local sales platform we are launching and we are combining that with the EDI service into the same company structure. The two products have been in separate companies before now. We figured that a small company like ours should focus its marketing dollars. Maintaining two separate websites and two separate customer bases was just a bit too much, so we decided to rebrand.

To change a brand and move to a new website and to start offering a local sales automation platform alongside our EDI services is a big step. We felt that the new product offering was going to be big enough that we should make some changes. So, we have launched a new website and brand, and our new company name is AdCore Local, LLC. We will still keep the and domains but they will be forwarded to the AdCore Local web domain ( and we will stop supporting the old website.

If you are a media retailer and are concerned about the transition and the availability of ad agencies using the platform since the change, here are a few points about the transition process we’ve been executing against for the past few months:

  • Added messaging to the MXD users to email messages from support for the past few months letting them know of the upcoming name change
  • Redirected domain to with a landing page explaining the change and directing users to the new login page for their account access
  • Email and telephone outreach campaign which is continuing with both current and former customers.

We've not lost any agencies but have been adding several new stations and agencies each week.  In fact, since the name change started we've seen more signups of new station and agency customers than we've had in quite a long time.

No change has  been required for agencies at all.  The old name and domain are not  closed, but are tied to our new name and domain. We've added a landing page to the site for those who accessed via emediatrade vs the adcore local site, letting them know that the name has changed and directing them to their information and login pages.

We will continue the emailing campaign from Support and keep working with our customers in order to make sure the transition is gradual and seamless. We appreciate very much everyone’s support through this process and we certainly welcome any feedback any of you may have on the process and how you think it (or we) could improve.

MXD's New Rapid Deploy Feature

Our engineers have been working hard lately to give you new MXD features faster. Our first rapid deploy was two weeks ago and except for a couple of small glitches that were quickly fixed, everything is working smoothly. What this means for you is that if a new feature or change is needed in MXD, we can put it online quickly – days instead of weeks.

2011 - 2012 Technology And Engineering Emmy Award

Congratulations to eMediaTRADE's sister company Texscan-MSI for earning the 2012 Technology And Engineering Emmy Award for the development and commercialization of analog local cable video advertising!

"Texscan MSI’s work on the Development and Commercialization of Analog Local Cable Video Ad Insertion occurred while I was initially an employee there starting in 1983. Prior to that a company called Compuvid had purchased a design from Steve Rose and Jim Chiddix for the first commercial inserters with random access tape control. Later, a team of engineering and marketing folks, including Bill Robertson, Mike Waters, Dick Warnock, Cory Worsencroft and Earl Hansen put together the first product release with fully random access tape control and advertising insertion.

Prior to that time, the tapes were controlled sequentially and the ads were inserted in an ROS fashion (meaning Run Of Schedule) and if an ad had to be aired more often it had to be copied on the tape more times. The Random Access technology allowed each spot on the tape to be individually addressable and could then be aired in any order. This made it possible then to insert advertising on many more channels because the tapes could be duplicated quickly and with much less editing labor than was required to maintain taped spots for an ROS insertion system.

These advances also allowed local cable to start selling flexible air schedules that were more competitive with the local broadcasters. So since much more advertising was being sold and it was being sold for higher rates in the local markets, the CSR-92 and later CSR-192 as well as the CSR-94 and later CSR-294 advertising insertion systems became very popular in the local cable advertising industry eventually reaching as much as a 60-70% market share. It was a very successful innovation at the time and helped bring about great growth in the local cable advertising industry during the 1980s and early 1990s."

-Leonard J. Fabiano III

Server Relocation

To all eMediaTRADE and Texscan customers:  

EMT is planning to relocate our server infrastructure to a Tier III hosting facility in Atlanta. This move has been planned for some time and we have set a date of Friday, June 8 2012 at 90:00pm Eastern to begin the move. This means that all EMT services, servers and products will be unavailable during the relocation. We anticipate having all services online and available by 9:00am on Monday, June 11.


This move will provide EMT with an advanced infrastructure for operational stability and high availability now, will give us room for expanding our current services, and will allow us to offer new products and services in the future. For those interested in the details of our new facility I have provided them below.


Thank you for being an eMediaTRADE customer!


Tier III Data Center is a 15,000 square foot facility that was constructed in 2007 in Atlanta. The building sits on solid granite with 18 inch thick concrete floors, steel frame and concrete block walls with a brick outlay and an insulated membrane roof. This data center was designed with redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment. This means that critical systems can be taken offline for scheduled maintenance without impact to the IT environment. The average annual impact of maintenance and unplanned outages in this data center results in 99.98 percent availability.



• More than 2500 square feet of raised floor environment with 200 fully enclosed cabinets

• 24x7x365 Network Operations Center

• Hurricane rated building structure with concrete block walls, brick outlay, and steel frame

• Insulated Membrane Roof with vapor moisture barrier



• Redundant transport connectivity via OC-48 sonet ring and dark fiber

• Multiple 1 Gbps upstream Internet carriers (Savvis, Global Crossing, XO, Level3, Cogent) with geographically diverse peering points

• Fully-redundant Cisco core network utilizing BGP4 and flow control Internet route optimization

• 16 strands of dry fiber buried in over 6 feet of solid concrete and granite with entry and exit points on separate sides of the building


Fire Suppression:

• Waterless Facility – Absolutely NO sprinkler systems in the building

• FM200 Dry Fire Suppression

• VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detectors



• Razor wire fence

• Key card access control system

• Biometric fingerprint security systems

• Glass-break sensors

• Motion detectors

• IP video surveillance with 90 day archive storage


Climate Control:

• N+2 redundant environmental systems

• Nine 30-ton Liebert climate control systems

• Alternating hot aisle and cold aisle rack configuration with heat exhaust



• Redundant 480V 3 phase 2000A service on dedicated transformer

• Redundant 375KVA 240V Liebert and MGE UPS backup systems

• Liebert 1200 Amp Static Transfer Switch

• 500KVA and 750KVA backup diesel generators each with 250-gallon internal fuel tanks and 3500-gallon external fuel tank

• Dual 800A 48VDC battery and rectifier plants for DC Power

New Archive Rule

As you may well know, the archive has been set to delete invoices after they have been on our system for 7 months. We have decided to extend our archive from 7 to 12 months. So, from this point on, invoices will be stored in our archive for 1 year. After 1 year they will be automatically deleted from our system.

Don't use Chrome to register

Recently, we've been having a problem with the online registration not working for Google Chrome. So, if you get this error message...




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