eMediaTRADE Rebranding to AdCore Local

Here at eMediaTRADE/AdCore Local we’ve gotten a lot of questions lately, understandably. We’ve been operating under the eMediaTRADE brand for 16 years now. We have a new local sales platform we are launching and we are combining that with the EDI service into the same company structure. The two products have been in separate companies before now. We figured that a small company like ours should focus its marketing dollars. Maintaining two separate websites and two separate customer bases was just a bit too much, so we decided to rebrand.

To change a brand and move to a new website and to start offering a local sales automation platform alongside our EDI services is a big step. We felt that the new product offering was going to be big enough that we should make some changes. So, we have launched a new website and brand, www.adcorelocal.com and our new company name is AdCore Local, LLC. We will still keep the emediatrade.com and emediatrade.net domains but they will be forwarded to the AdCore Local web domain (www.adcorelocal.com) and we will stop supporting the old www.emediatrade.com website.

If you are a media retailer and are concerned about the transition and the availability of ad agencies using the platform since the change, here are a few points about the transition process we’ve been executing against for the past few months:

  • Added messaging to the MXD users to email messages from support for the past few months letting them know of the upcoming name change
  • Redirected emediatrade.com domain tohttp://adcorelocal.com/emt-transition with a landing page explaining the change and directing users to the new login page for their account access
  • Email and telephone outreach campaign which is continuing with both current and former customers.

We've not lost any agencies but have been adding several new stations and agencies each week.  In fact, since the name change started we've seen more signups of new station and agency customers than we've had in quite a long time.

No change has  been required for agencies at all.  The old name and domain are not  closed, but are tied to our new name and domain. We've added a landing page to the site for those who accessed via emediatrade vs the adcore local site, letting them know that the name has changed and directing them to their information and login pages.

We will continue the emailing campaign from Support and keep working with our customers in order to make sure the transition is gradual and seamless. We appreciate very much everyone’s support through this process and we certainly welcome any feedback any of you may have on the process and how you think it (or we) could improve.