2011 - 2012 Technology And Engineering Emmy Award

Congratulations to eMediaTRADE's sister company Texscan-MSI for earning the 2012 Technology And Engineering Emmy Award for the development and commercialization of analog local cable video advertising!

"Texscan MSI’s work on the Development and Commercialization of Analog Local Cable Video Ad Insertion occurred while I was initially an employee there starting in 1983. Prior to that a company called Compuvid had purchased a design from Steve Rose and Jim Chiddix for the first commercial inserters with random access tape control. Later, a team of engineering and marketing folks, including Bill Robertson, Mike Waters, Dick Warnock, Cory Worsencroft and Earl Hansen put together the first product release with fully random access tape control and advertising insertion.

Prior to that time, the tapes were controlled sequentially and the ads were inserted in an ROS fashion (meaning Run Of Schedule) and if an ad had to be aired more often it had to be copied on the tape more times. The Random Access technology allowed each spot on the tape to be individually addressable and could then be aired in any order. This made it possible then to insert advertising on many more channels because the tapes could be duplicated quickly and with much less editing labor than was required to maintain taped spots for an ROS insertion system.

These advances also allowed local cable to start selling flexible air schedules that were more competitive with the local broadcasters. So since much more advertising was being sold and it was being sold for higher rates in the local markets, the CSR-92 and later CSR-192 as well as the CSR-94 and later CSR-294 advertising insertion systems became very popular in the local cable advertising industry eventually reaching as much as a 60-70% market share. It was a very successful innovation at the time and helped bring about great growth in the local cable advertising industry during the 1980s and early 1990s."

-Leonard J. Fabiano III