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Explanation of Folders

A) Main folders include your “outbox,”  “inbox,” “sent,” and “rcvd” (received) folders.

  • “outbox” folder—invoices that have been uploaded, but have not been sent. Invoices stay here until they are either sent or discarded.
  • “inbox” folder—newly received invoices. Files stay here for 90 days or until they are downloaded.
  • “sent” folder—invoices that have recently been sent. Invoices stay in this folder until they are 90 days old.
  • “rcvd” (received) folder—invoices that have been downloaded. Invoices stay here until they are manually archived or the system archives them after 90 days.

B) Archive folders include your “archive” and “discard” folders.

  • “archive” folders—invoices that have been in the system for more than 90 days. Once invoices are archived, you can still print them, but you will not be able to download them directly from the “archive” folder. Files stay in this folder for 9 months. At this point they are automatically deleted from the system.
  • “discard” folders—invoices move here when they are discarded by the user. Invoices remain in this folder for 30 days or until the user removes them. After 30 days in this folder invoices are automatically deleted from the system.

Don't use Chrome to register

Recently, we've been having a problem with the online registration not working for Google Chrome. So, if you get this error message...




The form was not submitted because of the following error(s)

Correct these errors and resubmit


The field must be a number that is greater than  and less

than ."


...switch to Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.

Trading partner list has moved

To download our most recent agency and station lists, you must log in to your account at and click "MY ACCOUNT" at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Here you will have the opportunity to "Download the latest list of agencies signed up with eMediaTrade" or "Download the latest list of stations signed up with eMediaTrade." Click the desired link, and go on your merry way. For more information and tips like this, please, visit the General section of our Frequently Asked Questions document.