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POSTED BY STEPHANIE THEISEN  via  http://blog.leightonbroadcasting.com/

You’re ready to open the doors for your grand opening celebration. Your employees are hired and trained, product is ready to go, business cards are printed, and the “Opening Soon” sign is hanging in the front window. You’re excited beyond belief to launch your lifelong dream of being a small business owner.

Your billboard is going up and a direct mail piece is going out the week of your grand opening. You’ve made a buy with a local radio station. Yet, you feel like there’s something missing. What else is out there that can bring more pizzazz to your grand opening?

Then, you remember one of the radio stations in your town did a live broadcast on-location at another local business. Bingo!

The anecdote above is one simple example of dozens I encounter every year. Many business owners don’t realize the full scope of what their local radio station has to offer. More...