How are payments handled?

AdCore® Local uses a payment service called Braintree to consummate all sales.  You can either pay for your campaign before your ad is produced or wait until after you have approved your ad.  If you choose to wait, then we cannot guarantee the availability of inventory,

How do I search for ad opportunities?

  1. Navigate to AdCore® Local Home Page.
  2. Click on a business category.
  3. If app hasn't already selected the proper market in the map, enter your town or zip code(s) and hit [Tab] key.
  4. Observe map - change the shape of the retail trading zone by pulling on the handles if you wish.
  5. Click on <Select Dates>
  6. Choose the start date and end date of your ad campaign.
  7. Click <Go>
  8. System will return a list of packages that meet your criteria.